We are thrilled to announce that we have launched out first phase of staking on our mainnet today. We just enable Ethereum for staking right now. All The stakers will get high APY returns with UHIVE token.


First Time Deposit Rewards
5000 HVE2: Over 5000+ HVE2 deposit.
20000 HVE2: Over 10000+ HVE2 deposit.
30000 HVE2: Over 30000+ HVE2 deposit.
50000 HVE2: Over 50000+ HVE2 deposit.

Weekly Returns On Staking Ethereum
HVE2 = 10000 HVE2
50000 HVE2 = 5000 HVE2
30000 HVE2 = 2000 HVE2

This reward will be live still our next phase when it gets live. So the easy math, Early adopters will get maximum returns.


First go to our Uhive staking platform CLICK HERE. To deposit ethereum you need to click the stake now button. There you will see a new page where you get a special ethereum address for our staking pool and your Uhive account email, Now just copy that address and deposit as you want. After Deposit you will receive an email about your deposit confirmation from Uhive admin.

Uhive will be listed on big exchanges on April so be prepare.




A New Kind of Social Network With Staking

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A New Kind of Social Network With Staking

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